Activating Users Ultra Pro

1) Login to your account

Please visit the following link:


2)  User Dashboard:

This is the user’s dashboard and you will be able to create your serial number.


3)  Register your domain:

Click on the Domains link. You will see a screen with all your domains. In order to create your serial number, you will need to click on the “Add new” button.


4)  Input Domain Details:

Please input your domain’s name as specified in the following screenshot, then click “Submit” button.

Once you’ve clicked on the submit button and the success message has been displayed you will need to click on the “back” button.


5)  Input Domain Details:

The new serial number has been created. Now, you can copy/paste it in the Users Ultra Pro Dashboard.

Now, you will need to login to your WordPress admin.


6)  Input Domain Details:

Please copy/paste the serial you’ve got when registering your domain’s name, then click on the “validate your copy” button.


You’re ready to use Users Ultra Pro.