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How to Setup Special Capabilities

The shortcodes to protect content has a great option that will let you set special capabilities for your users. This option works with tags and only users with those tags will be able to see the private content.

1. Create the Special Capabilities Field

The first step to start using the Special capabilities opting is creating a new profile field by using the special meta key “ccap“.


Set one or many tags by using comma to separate them. We will need to use these tags in the content protection shortcode.


Make sure that the field has been created by using the above settings. Check the screenshot.

2. Assigning Tags to the Users:

Now that we’ve created the special capabilities field we need to edit an user and assign it “tags”.




3. Shortcode Usage:


[usersultra_protect_content ccap='exclusive'] Private Content... [/usersultra_protect_content]

How To Activate The Paid Membership Modules?

Users Ultra Pro allows you to charge your users to get access to your website. This feature is deactivated by default and you can easily activate it.

Changing the Registration Method:

Go to Users Ultra – Settings – Registrations


After you’ve activated the Membership Features you will need to create the Membership Packages

Creating Membership Packages:

Click on the “Membership” tab. There you will be able to manage your membership packages. Once you’re there click on the “Add New Plan” button. You will see the following screen.


Please input a name, description, price and set the billing period. These are the common settings.

 Additional Settings:

Requires Admin Moderation: By default the user will be activated on payment confirmation. However you may choice to not activate users automatically. You may want to use this feature if you want to check all your paid subscription then approve them manually.

Role To Assign:

You can choice what role the user will be assigned with if they purchase the package you’re creating.

Custom Form To Assign:

The specified form will be visible within the user’s dashboard when purchasing the package.

Membership Packages In Registration Form:


The above packages list will be displayed in the registration form. The users will be taken to Paypal after they have filled out the subscription form.


Paypal Setup:

Please make sure you’ve set your paypal account to start receiving payments. You have to click on the Gateways Tab.