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The 1-2-3 Getting Started Guide

Users Ultra needs some basic pages to work properly. The following article will show you how to create the common pages of a community website.

Creating Basic Pages Automatically:

Users Ultra Pro allows you to create the basic pages with just one click. Please check the following screenshot.

Another way to create the main pages to start using Users Ultra Pro would be manually. The following is a guide of how to create each one of the main pages you will need to make UU work properly.

Creating The Login Page:

This page will display the login form, this form will be used by the members to log in their accounts. You can use this form instead the default login form that comes with WordPress.

Click on Pages – Add New. Click on the UU Shortcodes Button.


Save the page.

A login form like this one will be displayed in the login page.


Note: If you wish to use the Social Media Options you will have to activate them.

Creating The Registration Page:

This shortcode will display the registration form in your blog.


Once you have saved the page you will see the following registration from.


Creating The User’s Account Page:

This page will display the user’s dashboard to all logged in users.

In order to display the my account page you have to add the following shortcode in your custom page: [usersultra_my_account]


The users will see the following dashboard:


Creating The User’s Profile Page:

Click on Pages  – Add New, then add the following shortcode and save it.

[usersultra_profile profile_fields_to_display='all' gallery_type = 'lightbox' display_country_flag= 'only' optional_fields_to_display='country,social,badges,like,rating']

The following profile will be displayed when clicking on a user’s profile:


Creating The Users Directory Page:

Click on Pages  – Add New, then add the following shortcode and save it.

[usersultra_directory list_per_page=4 optional_fields_to_display='friend,country,description,rating' pic_boder_type='rounded' template='directory_minified' list_order='ASC' sorty_by='ID']


You will see the following users directory:


Sync Your Users With Users Ultra Pro:

If you’ve already users in your WordPress you will need to sync them with Users Ultra Pro. Please check the following screenshot to learn how to sync your users.


Installing Users Ultra

Once you’ve created your license you will be able to download the .zip file to your computer.

Please follow these steps to install your copy of Users Ultra.

Step 1:

Get in your pro account by logging in here https://usersultra.com/login.php and click on the “Get Latest Version” button.
step 1

Step 2:

You will be taken to the following screen, just click on the download icon and save the .zip file in your local drive.

step 2


Step 3:

Go to your Plugins Administration in WordPress Dashboard and click on the “Add New” link.

step 3

Step 4:

Then click on the “Upload Plugin” link.

step 4

Step 5:

You will be taken to a screen that will let you upload Users Ultra from your local drive. Just select the .zip file and click “Install Now”.

step 5

You should see the following message if everything worked the way it should. If you get an error message, please contact us at our forums.

step 6

Step 6:

You will need to “activate” the plugin right after it has been uploaded and installed. To activate it, just click on the “Plugins” link and click on the “Activate” link as displayed in the below image.

step 7

Step 7:

These message are displayed by the plugin the first time you install it. We highly recommend you clicking on the option that creates the basic Users Ultra pages.

step 8

Congratulations !!!. You’re ready to start using Users Ultra.