Search Box


This Shortcode displays the search box.


fields NULL any profile field example: age, country
filters NULL any profile field example: age, country
custom_form NULL any custom profile form you have created through Users Ultra.
target_page_url NULL Usually your users directory page.
exclude_fields NULL any profile field example: age, country
operator AND AND, OR
use_in_sidebar NULL NULL, yes
users_are_called Users Any custom text: Users, members etc
combined_search_text type user name here Any text that will be displayed in the search box.
button_text Search Search, submit etc
reset_button_text Reset Any desired text.


[usersultra_searchbox filters='country,age' ]

Example 2. Searching on Custom Forms:

[usersultra_searchbox filters='country,age' custom_form='ddedgoe']

Example 3. Searching With Custom Meta Fields:

[usersultra_searchbox filters='country,age,c_de_custom8' custom_form='2mzi8']

Please note:  When searching on custom forms you have to set a valid custom_form value. The custom_form ID is giving by Users Ultra when creating it through the UU Dashboard.