Register and Configure a Facebook Application

You will need to set up a new Facebook application for use with the Users Ultra PRO.

Login to your Facebook account and then navigate to and click Apps > Create a New App in the top menu.


In case, some ‘Request for Permission’ screen appeared, click “Allow”.

After you click “Create a New App” a screen shows up where you are supposed to name your new application, use e.g. “Connector” or whatever you like to, and you need to choose a category (we advice: App for Pages):

After you click “Create App” a “Security Check” screen will show up

security check

After you click “Submit” the Dashboard page of your App shows up:

Now, choose the “Settings” menu and you will see this screenshot.


In this Screen notice the  App ID and Secret fields. Next to the Secret field you will have to click the ‘Show’ button so that you receive the Secret key.

You will need both App ID and Secret key later on when configuring the Facebook App inside Users Ultra PRO.

In that Settings screen (Basic tab)  click “Add Platform“. Once you click it, you will see a screen like this:


There you have to click “Website“.

After you clicked “Website“, you will see the Settings screen  (Basic tab) again and the “Website” section in it:


Now, in that “Website” section you must fill in the “Site URL” field. Type in there the URL address leading to your installation of Users Ultra PRO, including the protocol (http:// or https://) and then click “Save Changes“. The value should look like “”.

As the last step, when setting up the Facebook application,  you must make it public or your messages in chat to your customers will me marked by Facebook as spam. Just go to the section “Status & Review” and switch the application switch to YES and you are done with the Facebook App!



Now, your application is ready.

Go to Users Ultra Dashboard, then click on settings.

Scroll down and you will see this screen:


Click on “Save” button and you’re website is ready to authenticate your users through Facebook