Promote Users


This Shortcode can be used to promote uers by using the user’s ID.


users_list   user IDs separated by commas: Example: 1,3,5
item_width 100% this option accepts both, pixels and percentages
pic_type avatar avatar or mainpicture
pic_boder_type none none or rounded
pic_size 100 size in pixels of users avatar
pic_size_type dynamic dynamic or fixed
optional_fields_to_display rating country,description,social,country,rating,like,friend
display_social yes yes or no
display_country_flag name flag, no,yes,only, both. "only" won’t display name
display_latest_photos yes yes or no
display_latest_photos_size 90 size of the photos in pixels
display_latest_photos_howmany 8 how many photos to dispaly in the users spotlight
display_promote_desc   optional text to promote the user
display_promote_title   optional title
box_border rounded none or empy value
box_shadow shadow none
display in-line inline-block, inline, in-line


[usersultra_users_promote optional_fields_to_display='rating,social' users_list='59'  display_country_flag='both']