Members Directory


This Shortcode displays the users directory.


template directory_default directory_default, directory_table, directory_minified
exclude NULL Any user ID. You can add multiple IDs separated by commas. Example: 1,2,3
item_width 21% this is the width of each item or user in the directory
item_height auto auto or height in pixels
list_per_page 3 any integer value
pic_type avatar mainpicture, avatar
pic_boder_type none none, rounded
pic_size_type dynamic dynamic, fixed
pic_size 100 size in pixels of the user’s picture
optional_fields_to_display NULL NULL
display_social yes yes
display_country_flag name display flag, no,yes,only, both. Only won’t display name
display_total_found yes yes, no
display_total_found_text Users Any text: example, users, members etc
display_to_logged_in_only empty, null Yes, empty or null
display_to_logged_in_only_text Only logged in users can see this page Any text you wish to display to not logged in users
list_order DESC DESC, ASC
sort_by ID Any meta field
role NULL administrator, subscriber, author
relation NULL AND, OR


[usersultra_searchbox filters='country,age' ]

[usersultra_directory list_per_page=8 optional_fields_to_display='friend,social,country,description,rating' pic_boder_type='rounded' ]

Example 2 Custom Columns:

[usersultra_directory template='directory_table' header_tooltips='yes' columns='Avatar:avatar:1:this tooltip is optional,Name:display_name:1:Another tooltip is optional,Role:role:1:Optional Tooltip,Badges:badges:1, Rating:rating:1,Country:country:1,Age:age:0'  pic_boder_type='rounded' pic_size='50' display_total_found='no' list_per_page=4]

Please note:

The different columns should be specified as the following way: Name:display_name:1

The first value is the “label”, the second value is the “meta field”. The last one should be “0” or “1”. If you set it as “0” the column will be visible only for logged in users.