Integrating Users Ultra Pro With bbPress

Integrating Users Ultra with bbPress need a little bit of theme tweaks. So, the very first thing you have to do is  tweaking your bbPress theme.

Hopefully you are using a child theme so that the folder doesn’t get overridden when you update the theme. bbPress will look for the template files in the theme first before using the default templates.

There are three files you would need to tweak.  loop-single-forum.php, loop-single-reply.php, loop-single-topic.php. You can find them within the bbPress templates.


Please note: These are the default template files. You will have to tweak your own files.

Once you’ve updated the theme’s files you will have to activate the bbPress feature within the UU Dashboard.


The reason you have to activate the bbPress compatibility is because you can have the optional items listed in Users Ultra Settings rather than having to go into the template files to make changes if you want to have other options included in the integration.

The integration should look like this screenshot. Please note: This is just an example and the look will depends on your CSS.