How to Setup Special Capabilities

The shortcodes to protect content has a great option that will let you set special capabilities for your users. This option works with tags and only users with those tags will be able to see the private content.

1. Create the Special Capabilities Field

The first step to start using the Special capabilities opting is creating a new profile field by using the special meta key “ccap“.


Set one or many tags by using comma to separate them. We will need to use these tags in the content protection shortcode.


Make sure that the field has been created by using the above settings. Check the screenshot.

2. Assigning Tags to the Users:

Now that we’ve created the special capabilities field we need to edit an user and assign it “tags”.




3. Shortcode Usage:


[usersultra_protect_content ccap='exclusive'] Private Content... [/usersultra_protect_content]