How To Display Custom Fields in Widgets

Displaying custom fields in widgets is very easy and it can be done by using the Custom Profile Fields shortcode.

The following shortcode can be used to display custom fields in your custom page templates.

[usersultra_user_custom_meta_info fields_list='first_name:First Name,last_name: Last Name' within_widget='yes']

Using the Custom Profile Fields shortcode in Widgets:

1 – Click on Appearance & Customization – Widgets & Modules.


By default the new widget is added in the Unavailable Widgets section and you have to drag&drop it in the Available Widgets Area.


Once you have dragged and dropped the widget you have to click on the “Apply layout” button. This is important, otherwise the front end users profile won’t display the new widget.


Click on one of your user’s profile and you will see the following widget: