How To Create a Profile Field?

Creating a custom profile field

Go to UU Dashboard – Fields.


Click on the “Add new field” button.

Make sure you assign a unique name for the new field. This mean that “New custom meta key” field should be unique. For example: my_new_custom_field.

Type: You can create either fields or separators:

Editor/Input Tex: Here you have to specify what type of HTML element you would like to create.


Here there is a list of the possible “Input Type” fields you could create with Users Ultra.


You may assign a “icon” for the new field if you wish.


Click on the “Submit New Field” Button. That’s it. The new field has been created. It will appear at the top of the fields list.

Now that the new field has been create you have to drag it to the desired position.


If you wish to display this field in the registration form, please make sure that “Show on Registration form” has been set to “Yes”