Featured Users


This Shortcode displays featured users by using the user’s ID.


users_list NULL Any user’s ID separated by commas
meta_key_to_search NULL Any meta field you’ve created with the fields customizer tool.
meta_keyword NULL Any value you wish to match with.
item_width 25%
howmany 3
pic_type avatar avatar or main picture
pic_boder_type none rounded
pic_size_type dynamic dynamic or fixed
pic_size 100 this value is in pixels
optional_fields_to_display rating,country,social,likes
display_social yes
display_country_flag name flag, no,yes,only, both. Only won’t display name
box_border rounded
box_shadow shadow
display in-line
list_order ASC ASC or DESC


[usersultra_users_featured users_list='55 , 59, 60' optional_fields_to_display='rating'] 

Example 2:

By using this shortcode you will be able to feature certain users that have a particular metadata.
Please note: Do not use users_list value when using this option.

[usersultra_users_featured meta_key_to_search='committee' meta_keyword='committee']