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Layout Issues

Sometimes, the User’s profile and the User’s account might look estrange or “ugly”. Most of the case this is due a theme or css issue:

1) Make sure that either your theme or one of your plugins are not overriding the Plugin Styles.
2) Make sure you’re not wrapping the UU shortcodes with “pre” tags.


How To Troubleshoot Plugin and Theme Conflicts

Theme conflict:
If you are having an issue with Users Ultra Pro and your website the first thing to do is to switch your theme to the default WordPress theme. If the issue/error goes away then you know that there is a conflict between your theme and Users Ultra Pro.

Plugin conflict:
If the error still persists after switching to default WP theme then the issue may be because of a conflict between Users Ultra Pro and another plugin(s). To check for a plugin conflict you need to deactivate all other plugins apart from Users Ultra Pro and see if the issue/error still exists. If the issue goes away then you know there is a plugin conflict. What you need to do then is activate each plugin one by one until you find the plugin causing the issue/error.

Sending Email Via SMTP

This is the most effective way to send emails from your website. By default WordPress will send email by using the php mail function. Most of the time the email will be sent straight to the spam box.

Click on the Notification tab.


SMTP Settings Section.

The information you need to setup your SMTP mailing module is displayed in the following screenshot. You can find this information in your hosting administrator panel.

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Username and Password. The username usually looks like “”.


SMTP Credentials on cPanel.

Login in your cPanel and click on the “Email Accounts” Icon.


Click on the “Configure Email” link.


Below is all the information you need to start sending email via SMTP on Users Ultra Pro.



User Registration Is Currently Not Allowed

This issue is related to the way WordPress works. By default the registration is turned off by WordPress. So, all you have to do is turn it on.

In order to allow visitor to register in your website you will need to activate this option in your WordPress admin.

Please go to WordPress Settings – General.

Make sure that the Anyone can register option is checked.

I Can’t see User Profiles

This can be caused by different issues. Usually, it’s due a misconfiguration, these below are some tips that may help you to resolve it.

1)    WordPress Permalink Structure Settings:


2) Users Ultra Permalink Structure Settings:

Go to WordPress Settings – Permalink.

Users Ultra Pro uses different slugs for creating the user profile; the profile slug can be set by going to the “Permalink” tab. Please check the following screenshot.

For example:  if you profile’s URL looks like, then the profile slug should be set to “profile”, if you use a different slug for your profile’s URL please make sure to set the same slug in the “slug” box.

3) Very Important:

In this example we’ve created the page “View Profile” which has the slug “profile”.

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We have to set the same page we’ve just created in the Permalink tab. Make sure you’re using the same slug. If you used the slug “member-profile” then make sure that the page has that slug as well. They should match, otherwise you will get a 404 error.