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How To Display Custom Fields in Widgets

Displaying custom fields in widgets is very easy and it can be done by using the Custom Profile Fields shortcode.

The following shortcode can be used to display custom fields in your custom page templates.

[usersultra_user_custom_meta_info fields_list='first_name:First Name,last_name: Last Name' within_widget='yes']

Using the Custom Profile Fields shortcode in Widgets:

1 – Click on Appearance & Customization – Widgets & Modules.


By default the new widget is added in the Unavailable Widgets section and you have to drag&drop it in the Available Widgets Area.


Once you have dragged and dropped the widget you have to click on the “Apply layout” button. This is important, otherwise the front end users profile won’t display the new widget.


Click on one of your user’s profile and you will see the following widget:


The 1-2-3 Getting Started Guide

Users Ultra needs some basic pages to work properly. The following article will show you how to create the common pages of a community website.

Creating Basic Pages Automatically:

Users Ultra Pro allows you to create the basic pages with just one click. Please check the following screenshot.

Another way to create the main pages to start using Users Ultra Pro would be manually. The following is a guide of how to create each one of the main pages you will need to make UU work properly.

Creating The Login Page:

This page will display the login form, this form will be used by the members to log in their accounts. You can use this form instead the default login form that comes with WordPress.

Click on Pages – Add New. Click on the UU Shortcodes Button.


Save the page.

A login form like this one will be displayed in the login page.


Note: If you wish to use the Social Media Options you will have to activate them.

Creating The Registration Page:

This shortcode will display the registration form in your blog.


Once you have saved the page you will see the following registration from.


Creating The User’s Account Page:

This page will display the user’s dashboard to all logged in users.

In order to display the my account page you have to add the following shortcode in your custom page: [usersultra_my_account]


The users will see the following dashboard:


Creating The User’s Profile Page:

Click on Pages  – Add New, then add the following shortcode and save it.

[usersultra_profile profile_fields_to_display='all' gallery_type = 'lightbox' display_country_flag= 'only' optional_fields_to_display='country,social,badges,like,rating']

The following profile will be displayed when clicking on a user’s profile:


Creating The Users Directory Page:

Click on Pages  – Add New, then add the following shortcode and save it.

[usersultra_directory list_per_page=4 optional_fields_to_display='friend,country,description,rating' pic_boder_type='rounded' template='directory_minified' list_order='ASC' sorty_by='ID']


You will see the following users directory:


Sync Your Users With Users Ultra Pro:

If you’ve already users in your WordPress you will need to sync them with Users Ultra Pro. Please check the following screenshot to learn how to sync your users.


How to Set Up The Pricing Tables

[one_fourth_first][respo_pricing plan_id="1" per="per month" button_text="Sign Up" button_color="blue" color="blue" button_target="self" button_rel="nofollow"]

  • text
  • text
  • text
  • text

[/respo_pricing][/one_fourth_first][one_fourth][respo_pricing plan_id="8" per="per month" button_text="Sign Up" button_color="blak" button_target="self" button_rel="nofollow" ]

  • 15GB Bandwidth
  • 350 MB Storage
  • 5 Domains
  • 4

[/respo_pricing][/one_fourth][one_fourth][respo_pricing plan_id="2" per="per month" button_text="Sign Up" button_color="green" color="green" button_target="self" button_rel="nofollow" ]

  • 25GB Bandwidth
  • 450 MB Storage
  • 7 Domains
  • 4

[/respo_pricing][/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][respo_pricing plan_id="10" per="per month" button_text="Sign Up" button_color="yellow" color="yellow" button_target="self"button_rel="nofollow" ]

  • 35GB Bandwidth
  • 550 MB Storage
  • 9 Domains
  • 4


How To Create a Custom Registration Form?

Users Ultra Pro allows you to create different registration forms and profile fields that can be used to register your different users. For example: Agents, Models etc etc.

Click on Forms Ultra Link:

Sin título

Fill out the required fields and click “confirm” :


Using custom form on registration shortcode:

[usersultra_registration custom_form='lgic8']

Integrating Users Ultra Pro With bbPress

Integrating Users Ultra with bbPress need a little bit of theme tweaks. So, the very first thing you have to do is  tweaking your bbPress theme.

Hopefully you are using a child theme so that the folder doesn’t get overridden when you update the theme. bbPress will look for the template files in the theme first before using the default templates.

There are three files you would need to tweak.  loop-single-forum.php, loop-single-reply.php, loop-single-topic.php. You can find them within the bbPress templates.


Please note: These are the default template files. You will have to tweak your own files.

Once you’ve updated the theme’s files you will have to activate the bbPress feature within the UU Dashboard.


The reason you have to activate the bbPress compatibility is because you can have the optional items listed in Users Ultra Settings rather than having to go into the template files to make changes if you want to have other options included in the integration.

The integration should look like this screenshot. Please note: This is just an example and the look will depends on your CSS.


How To Create a Profile Field?

Creating a custom profile field

Go to UU Dashboard – Fields.


Click on the “Add new field” button.

Make sure you assign a unique name for the new field. This mean that “New custom meta key” field should be unique. For example: my_new_custom_field.

Type: You can create either fields or separators:

Editor/Input Tex: Here you have to specify what type of HTML element you would like to create.


Here there is a list of the possible “Input Type” fields you could create with Users Ultra.


You may assign a “icon” for the new field if you wish.


Click on the “Submit New Field” Button. That’s it. The new field has been created. It will appear at the top of the fields list.

Now that the new field has been create you have to drag it to the desired position.


If you wish to display this field in the registration form, please make sure that “Show on Registration form” has been set to “Yes”


How To Activate & Deactivate Modules

Removing or adding widgets in the user’s profile is really easy and it can be done by using the drag&drop widgets customizing tool which is in the Widgets tab.

Click on Appearance & Customization tab – Widgets.

Then you will see the following screen:


Just drag&drop the widgets between the two sections. If you wish to disable a widget just drag it to the Unavailable Widgets Section. If you wish to activate it again just drag it and drop it in the Available Widgets Section.

How to Setup Special Capabilities

The shortcodes to protect content has a great option that will let you set special capabilities for your users. This option works with tags and only users with those tags will be able to see the private content.

1. Create the Special Capabilities Field

The first step to start using the Special capabilities opting is creating a new profile field by using the special meta key “ccap“.


Set one or many tags by using comma to separate them. We will need to use these tags in the content protection shortcode.


Make sure that the field has been created by using the above settings. Check the screenshot.

2. Assigning Tags to the Users:

Now that we’ve created the special capabilities field we need to edit an user and assign it “tags”.




3. Shortcode Usage:


[usersultra_protect_content ccap='exclusive'] Private Content... [/usersultra_protect_content]