Allowing Users To Contact Aministrators

This feature will allow users to get in contact with the administrators by clicking on a “contact” button that will be displayed in the user’s dashboard.

Activating the messaging option:

By default this option is not active. You will need to activate it by click on UU – Settings – General.


Once you’ve activated this feature a button to contact the administrator will be displayed in the user’s dashboard.


When the user clicks on the “Contact admin” button the following message form will appear.


As you’ve realized there are two messages in the “Outbox” of this user. This is not  bug, This means that there are two administrators in your WordPress and you’ve “checked” the two administrators when activating this feature.

Please note: each one of your administrators will be notified when a user sends a message.



Checking my emails as administrator:

Please login to your Users Ultra account as administrator and click on the “My Messages” link. You will see the “unread” message there.